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Digital Transformation


Benefits that digital transformation brings are of no secret: less manual work and lower costs, faster business pace, fewer errors, more control and data-driven decision making. ITP develops and supports CRM, HRM, ERP, BPM and all other kinds of data systems perfectly tailored to the workflow and goals of a company.

By digitalizing business processes we not only help a company to solve their current challenges. Most importantly we create reserve capacity and potential for future growth and expansion.

Our proud moment:

A long-term partnership with a rapidly growing consulting company. ITP has developed and launched a cloud-based CRM system with two linked mobile apps for their clients and the top-management team. the main power of the system is an AI module which processes, segments and prioritizes incoming applications.

Behind an intuitive user interface stands a failover microservice architecture which handles thousands of requests at a time. A module of external integrations assists the company by bringing new incoming applications automatically. Every single detail is tailored to help the business in conquering new heights, and we launch new services and upgrade the system regularly to make it even more effective. Case study.

Analyzing the business’s needs & goals

Auditing the company’s existent IT infrastructure

Composing technical requirements & specifications

Developing custom IT solutions

Integrating new modules into existent IT infrastructure

Outsourcing an IT Department

Outsourcing Services


Outsourcing is a highly advantageous business practice. Companies that opt for it can free up resources, cut hiring costs and expand the talent pool.

Our experienced teams develop web- and mobile services, ready to get to the helm of your project at any stage. We are proud to work with companies from all over the world, and new projects from any timezone are welcome. Contact us to get a team of professionals and optimize the expenditures on your project.

Our proud moment:

During the recent year we have tested 5 product hypotheses, 2 of which have evolved into nationwide companies. We have launched 4 MVP mobile apps for the existing web services. 85% of the technical debt left by the previous contractors has been settled. Two ITP teams worked on the projects remotely, each including 2 developers, a QA engineer, a market analyst and a designer.

Providing experienced remote teams

Developing minimum viable products

Creating proof-of-concept prototypes

Settling the technical debt

Augmenting In-house Teams

Extending In-house Teams


Outstaffing is a great solution to augment your team quickly with the necessary specialists. You increase the development capacity and get a high-quality output in time, while also escaping recruiting, onboarding and retention costs. ITP offers qualified professionals from our collective to work for you remotely. We provide a choice of candidates and seamlessly integrate into your project team at any development stage. Our specialists adapt to your workflow, participate in all necessary meetings, provide regular reports and documentation.

Our proud moment:

Partnership with Data Wizards, a European Data Science company. ITP has assisted Data Wizards in launching a stable version of Bloom, a SaaS human resource management system. Currently we are working together on the next version with enhanced features.

Data Wizards hired us at a critical point, two months before the due launch date. ITP specialists improved the weak database architecture, fixed API bugs and developed brand new user and admin interfaces. An english version of the product has entered the market and all the key performance indicators have been completed during the test period. Case study.

We offer:

Front-end developers

Back-end developers

Full-stack developers

QA engineers

UI/UX designers

Project managers

 Launching pioneer IT products

Startup Development


It is crucial to rely on an experienced team to conquer the market with an innovative idea. ITP is ready to navigate the full development cycle, starting from a brief and ending with continuous support of a launched product. Clients from around the globe trust us to test their product hypotheses on MVP versions and digitalize the most complicated concepts.

Our proud moment:

Launching UQREW app to the international market. UQREW is a hybrid of a labor exchange and a social network for the construction industry in the USA, Mexico and Canada.

It took ITP 4 months to turn outdated and nonoperating legacy code into a handy app available on App Store and Google Play. We have reverse-engineered the whole system and used a cutting edge technology stack to reassemble it, designing a convenient app for employers and employees. the test version has reached all key targets: 200 job offers, 100 locations, 50 workers and 10 companies. Case study.

We develop:

Web applications

Mobile applications

Integration between business data systems

CRM systems

HRM systems


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